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Zombie Season
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Our December Book of the Month

Zombie Season by Justin Weinberger

“Our Book of the Month for ages 11+ is Zombie Season by Justin Weinberger. It’s a hard time to be in California. Every scorching summer brings the predictable disaster. Every summer, Zombie Season arrives. Jules refuses to evacuate, she can’t leave town while her dad is missing. Regina is close to discovering a dark underside to the new weapon her scientist parents have designed to keep the zombies at bay. Oliver has uncovered an uncomfortable truth about the zombies and must find a way to sound the alarm. This year’s zombie season is very different, something’s changed and time is running out to stop it… No one is ever ready for Zombie Season.

Read the book. Play the game! Zombie Season includes a QR code for an interactive online game which places readers right in the centre of the zombie fighting action. This book is an action-packed adventure, this story spotlights the power of hope, the importance of family, and the courage of kids fighting for the future they deserve. Perfect for any young gamer who loves Minecraft, Roblox or The Last of Us.”

Emma – Book Club Editor, Ages 7-11+
Emma – Book Club Editor, Ages 7-11+

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