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Choose from over 10,000 books from over 60 children's publishers

The Scholastic Book Wish List is a simple-to-use donation platform for schools to help support your libraries and classrooms by enabling parents and the wider community to buy the books that your school needs to support reading in your setting.

Setting up a Book Wish List unique to your school is easy and we’ll give you all the tools you need to drive successful fundraising.

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How does it work?

Book Wish List Getting Started

Get started

  • Click Start Your Wish List on the button you’ll find below.
  • Select your school or register with us if you haven’t already.
Book Wish List Build Your List

Build your list

  • Pick from over 10,000 books and resources available on our website.
  • Build your list by adding titles and the quantity that your school needs.
  • Choose a closing date.
Book Wish List Share


  • Use the email templates on this page to share your Wish List with parents and/or your wider local business community to ask them to support your book fundraising.
Book Wish List Donate


  • Parents and other parties can choose the books they wish to donate and buy them at the click of a button.
  • You can see in real time how much has been donated from your list.
Book Wish List Delivery


  • Once your closing date is reached, all books that have been donated from your list will be dispatched from our warehouse and delivered to your school free of charge.
  • Your school can earn an additional 20% in free rewards* that you can redeem on our site against more free books.
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Book Wish List FAQs

Who should run our Wish List?
  • Anyone in the school can run your Wish List with the minimum of fuss.
  • There’s no need to collect any money – it’s all done directly through our secure website.
What do we need to do before launching?
  • Make sure you promote and publicise your Wish List and let everyone know that by supporting your Wish List, your school can also earn an additional 20% of the total paid Wish List value* in extra FREE books.
How do we add items to our Wish List?
  • Once you’ve opened a Wish List, simply start to type in the name or author of the book you’d like to add to the list to start your search. Our website will return any editions of the book that we stock and you simply click on the one you’d like to add to the list. Add the quantity of each book you’d like in the box next to your selection.
How do parents order from the list?
  • Once you send out the unique web link to your list, a parent can open it by clicking on the link and they will be able to see your list and the books requested. They can add any item to their online and then check out through our online shop. They will receive an acknowledgement for the item(s) they have ordered and the book will be added to the paid for pledges on your list. Anyone looking at the list can see an overview of which books have already been pledged and which books are still available to be purchased from the list.
How much will our Wish List cost us?
  • There is absolutely no cost to the school. The Wish List is hosted by Scholastic and all items purchased by parents or your local community are dispatched to you free of charge.
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*£10 minimum order applies. Please note that some products cannot earn or be purchased with Rewards.