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Our July Book of the Month

Wishes by Mượn Thị Văn and Victo Ngai

“Sometimes a book comes along, and you are not really sure where to place it because it works on different levels. But you know it is an important book, with a story that needs to be told and shared with the widest possible audience. This story of a refugee family seeking a new home is one of them, and is inspired by the author’s personal experience. I’ve put as my 3+ pick as the text is very sparse, but it’s messaging really carries it to older children of up to age 7. I feel the illustrator sums this up far better than anything I could say:

‘There are only 75 words in total yet a substantial amount of story and emotion are packed in between the lines… The restraint and omission make the story all the more powerful.’

A very thought-provoking, powerful and timely book, particularly resonant at the moment. This book is a great conversation starter about an important topic, it’s incredibly moving and the illustrations are simply breathtaking.”

Yvonne – Book Club Editor, Ages 0–6
Yvonne – Book Club Editor, Ages 0–6
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