Pie Corbett's Reading Spine

Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine is a core of books that create a living library inside a child’s mind. It is a store of classics and essential reads that help children engage at a deeper level and enter the world of the story.

  • Bring reading to life with a classic read aloud programme, selected by literacy expert Pie Corbett
  • Foster a love of reading with the best-loved books for Nursery to Year 9
  • Deepen comprehension and teach drama and writing by drawing on the core books
  • Find all the support you need to deliver Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine in the Teacher’s Guide, which outlines six steps towards creating a Reading Spine in your school, and includes teacher’s notes and Pie’s top tips for reading aloud with different age groups.

Imagine a primary school where, over seven or eight years, children are read to, enjoy, discuss and work with a core of around 80 books. These ‘essential reads’ would be a store of classics, creating a living library inside a child’s mind. This is the ‘reading spine’. Schools that have a reading spine build a common bank of stories that bind the community together.” Pie Corbett, Literacy expert

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