Pie Corbett's Storyteller

Make the magic of stories go further with Pie Corbett’s Storyteller. These Teacher’s Books, linked anthologies, video and audio resources provide an engaging literacy toolkit, transforming children from readers into writers, performers and storytellers.

  • Includes activities for reading, drama and writing including hot seating, ‘story behind the story’ and conscience alley.
  • ‘About the story’ explains the origins of the story and where the author came across it showing that stories can come from anywhere!
  • Hints given for each story on how to link to other subjects – great for engaging children in stories.
  • Flowcharts break the story down into key component parts – providing the framework to the story.
  • From telling to writing – how to move from reading a story to writing one.

Teacher’s Guides

Each Teacher’s Guide is supported by digital content with classroom activities and videos of stories read aloud by professional storytellers and includes storytelling tips and classroom activities to expand on the original story through art, writing, drama, music and dance.

Anthologies and Audio

The anthologies feature an audio CD of each story read aloud by Pie Corbett, Xanthe Gresham or Taffy Thomas, perfect for building listening and comprehension skills, including favourites such as The Gingerbread Man and The Papaya that Spoke.

Pie Corbett’s Storyteller Pack

Save with the Storyteller pack, which includes one copy of each Teacher’s Guide and Anthology for ages 4 -11 (6 books).

What would happen if we collected together a bank of traditional tales so that children became familiar with stories from European culture and cultures all around the world? They would build up a huge resource inside of themselves arising from many cultures. How much that would enrich them as human beings! This led me into the series of Storyteller.” Pie Corbett, Literacy expert

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