Pie Corbett's Page-turners

A collection of exciting reads by top authors, specially selected for sharing with your class. These best-loved books practise the core reading habits developed in Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine, while promoting independent reading and reading for pleasure.

  • Engage children with a stimulating read-aloud programme, selected by literacy expert Pie Corbett
  • Build fluency while promoting independent reading and reading for pleasure
  • Practise the reading habits developed through the core books in Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine
  • Provides a model for independent reading as well as fluent expressive class reading for Years 3–6

Get even more from the Page-turners with the Teacher’s Guide, bursting with innovative ways to explore Pie’s chosen books in your classroom. It includes top tips for reading aloud with children and comprehensive teacher’s notes for every book title, as well as ideas for using the books to teach essential English skills including comprehension, writing and drama.

“My ‘page-turners’ are finely written, cracking stories for reading aloud. Keep any class in suspense and use packs of the books to teach comprehension, drama and writing.”

Pie Corbett, Literacy expert

Browse the Page-turners packs below, and check out the videos of Pie explaining how Page-turners can help reading in your school.

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