Pie Corbett's Story-Writing Box


Literacy expert and storyteller Pie Corbett has developed a treasure-trove of resources for teaching writing in the classroom!

Start children on their storytelling journey with a focus on reading and imitating stories with the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Box. Develop their writing skills and ability to plan, create and edit their own stories with the Key Stage 2 Box!

Each Story-writing Box contains:

  • A supportive Teacher’s Guide
  • 100 or more cards to help develop the story, including plot, character, setting and object cards
  • Posters to encourage children to think about the writing process and vocabulary they choose
  • Story trail cards to create a fun, physical path for children to follow and explore narratives for Key Stage 1
  • Four game boards on building the elements of a story for Key Stage 2
  • Access to digital resources for whole-class work including all cards as annotatable versions with a random card generator, the ability to upload images and printable resources

Everything you need to help children become successful story writers!

In this series