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Sheltering from the horrors of the Afghan war, a boy, Aman, finds a dog outside the cave where he lives with his mother. At first, he is repulsed. It is not customary for people to keep dogs as pets in his part of the world. But when Aman and his mother finally flee in a bid for freedom, the dog he has called Shadow will not leave their side. For the destinies of boy and dog are linked, and always will be… Illustrated by Christian Birmingham, this highly topical and moving novel from Michael Morpurgo takes readers into one of the world’s most notorious and impenetrable conflicts. Exploring the subject of war and refugees from a child’s-eye view, it examines the plight of those left living in the inhumane conditions of the Afghan cave region, escaping the persecution of the Taliban regime.

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Accelerated Reader

AR book level: 4.9; Middle years; 4.0 points




Michael Morpurgo

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  1. Ibby spooner
    on 13 January 2011


    Its a lovely book and you should read it!!!!!!!:)

    5out of 5

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What kids think

  1. Default avatar

    on 12 March 2019

    5 stars. The best book I have ever read it’s not just good it’s brilliant there’s a great storyline and a good amount of pictures too I,VE READ IT SIX TIMES !

    5out of 5
  2. Avatar cat 761729

    on 13 August 2014

    I loved it, a brilliant book, my favourite out of all Michael Morpurgo’s books. I read the whole thing, back to front, in one go lol. It took me about an hour and a half XD

    5out of 5
  3. Avatar owl 761790

    on 27 February 2014

    My favourite character is Shadow. He is a cute dog from what Michael Morpurgo wrote and I think that it is a sweet story.

    4out of 5
  4. Ef owl thumb 8

    on 17 December 2013

    I love stories about war & friendship.& dogs! Although I think this will be a very sad book.

  5. Avatar lion 761782

    on 30 October 2013

    I got in to trouble because my dad told me the get to sleep but I couldn’t put it down i have read it 6 times!!!

    5out of 5
  6. Giraffe zebra 113509

    on 11 June 2013

    It is very sad but it is a great story, I wonder what happens in the end!

  7. Default avatar

    on 9 March 2013

    UNPUTDOWNABLE absolute amazing but quite sad.

  8. Hayley 113303

    on 6 March 2013

    I loved this book I’ve read it at least 5 times a good book of friendship between a dog and a boy a brillantbook

  9. Hayley 113303

    on 23 December 2012

    I borrowed this book from the libary 2 weeks ago and i hav’nt put it down since its really good. I now know who my faveourite author is it is michael morpurgo.

    5out of 5
  10. Bellasara 113282

    on 15 July 2012

    Once I started this book I could not put it down! I have read it two or three times now! Definitely read this book!

    5out of 5
  11. Bs turtle thumb 130

    on 1 July 2012

    Sad but amazing.

    5out of 5
  12. Evie 113313

    on 28 June 2012

    This is my altime favourite book and have read many a time! The characters are matt, ahman and grandpa. Ahmen, matts best friend gets sent off to a immigration camp and matt asks his grandpa to visit, and ahmen tells grandpa his story of his early life and his experiences with shadow (a springer spaniel). would reccomend!

    5out of 5
  13. Avatar owl 761790

    on 21 April 2012

    i loved every minute of this book. it was very sad and touching. i couldnt stop reading it! it was great and was my favourite michael morpurgo book! i would give it five stars!

    5out of 5
  14. Monkey 113537

    on 12 April 2012

    really really emotional at the end. i love this book

    5out of 5
  15. Petula 113689

    on 9 March 2012

    a really gripping tale with a really good story line

  16. Default avatar

    on 6 March 2012

    Great book!

  17. Percy 112876

    on 4 March 2012

    Shadow is the best book I’ve ever read, however, the saddest to! This is a heart-wrenching tale, but, with a happy ending.

    It Is both for girls and boys but please, do be prepared because 9/10 of my friends haven’t read it because it’s too sad.

    This book wouldn’t let me put it down, when I used to be reading this at school I used to get so stuck in that when the bell went it REALLY frightened me!!!

    5out of 5
  18. Evie 113313

    on 3 March 2012

    i think this is the next book im going to read it looks brill

  19. Default avatar

    on 3 March 2012

    loved this so good. it made me cry.

  20. Default avatar

    on 3 March 2012

    I borrowed ths book from a friend and i’m so glad that I borrowed it because I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  21. Avatar lion 761782

    on 2 March 2012

    ADORABLE! My favourite Michael Morpurgo book ever! * * * * *! Shadow is such a cut and loyal dog!

  22. Default avatar

    on 16 December 2011

    A touching and emotional book with tears and laughter guarantied a book which makes me angry and sad bake also makes me laugh. A must read.

    5out of 5
  23. Avatar bat 761713

    on 5 November 2011

    Shadow is all about a boy who is trying to save his best mate , Aman from being sent back to Afghanistan. Grandpa goes to see Aman and his family now being kept in a horrible prison before being sent back. When grandpa talks to Aman he gets told the story but then needs more infomation of how they have got into such a horrible state.

    The book is heart-touching and very sad, not recommended for people who don’t like sad storys, this book has adventure as far as it can go.

    Age group:9-13

    5out of 5
  24. 39c logo fullcolor 113549

    on 1 November 2011

    I thought that this book was amazing and it gets 11/10 from me. If you like adventure you will love this book. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  25. Avatar owl 761790

    on 18 September 2011

    great book about a boy who is taken away.

  26. Witchdog thumb 22

    on 14 September 2011

    I thought this book was BRILLANT!!! :)

    5out of 5
  27. Clarice thumb 136

    on 28 July 2011

    It is a good book, however, it is not Michael Morpurgo’s best books.

    3out of 5
  28. Dora thumb 222

    on 13 June 2011

    I have not read it but friend has just started on a kindle that my teacher has and she already loves ittttt xx <3

  29. Evie 113313

    on 12 June 2011

    i read a few pages from sentanta and it was good. i would love to read the whole book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  30. Avatar frankenstein 761774

    on 7 June 2011

    exultant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh yeah duff man!

    5out of 5
  31. Evie 113313

    on 5 June 2011

    its really sad when grandma dies and also when aman and his mum have to leave shadow and carry on going to england without shadow to lead the way . i would recemend this book for people who like a tear to the eye READ IT READ IT READ IT

  32. Default avatar

    on 21 May 2011

    this book is amazing it took me 1 day to read it half way through i was drowning in tears.

  33. Default avatar

    on 15 May 2011

    As i read the first few pages of this book, i could definatley tell it was going to be great, and, it was! Tears filled my eyes whiles reading this book, especcially when the grandma dies. Shadow was my favourite character because she was a clever, kind and brave dog. I would personally love a dog like shadow! I would highley reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys a book that brings a tear to the eye. BRILLIANT!!!

  34. Default avatar

    on 18 April 2011

    Shadow is a realistic tale by Michael Morpurgo. In this story a young boy called Aman who lives with his mother is forced out of his home by terrorists and a raging war. Aman then has to travel to England for safety .

    Don’t let front cover with the dogs face on deceive you – this book is not about a dog but the dog does play an important role.

    Shadow is a lovely book to read, and although it looks thick it’s actually a very quick read.

    Although it was a good book i feel it lacked emotion. It’s a very sad story and throughout the book you feel like you should by crying but you can’t.

    All the sad bits were too subtle, I think Michael needs to shove the emotion in our faces so we notice it more!

    Overall i thought this was a great story but with a lot of room for improvement. I give this book 4 stars.

    Tilly, age 11

    4out of 5
  35. Bellasara 113282

    on 26 March 2011

    Its the BEST book in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  36. Monkey 113537

    on 24 March 2011

    This book was a upsetting read get some tissues out because the story of Aman’s life is fascinating!

  37. Pirate2small 108060

    on 22 March 2011

    it is so tense. im afraid that if i carry on reading this book i will cry

    5out of 5
  38. Clarice thumb 136

    on 18 March 2011

    i really want to read this book ecause it sounds very interesting and absorbingggg.

  39. Bellasara 113282

    on 13 March 2011

    loved it.

    5out of 5
  40. Avatar lion 761782

    on 3 March 2011

    This book was one of the best books i have ever read, AMAZING!

  41. Default avatar

    on 3 March 2011

    I’m reading it now and it seems pretty good!

  42. Jane blonde 113694

    on 3 March 2011

    A great must read book that makes you cry especially if you have a dog.

    4out of 5
  43. Bellasara 113282

    on 2 March 2011

    I thought it was amazing, I loved how the adventure never ended. I would recommend it.

    5out of 5
  44. Default avatar 807810

    on 1 March 2011

    This book is very good and i would recommend it to year 4 and above.Its the best book ive ever read.It was deffenately worth getting.Buy it!

    5out of 5
  45. Fairy thumb 11

    on 20 February 2011

    i so want to read this because it was recomended by the book wiz

  46. Abigail 113288

    on 25 January 2011

    This book has really touched my heart. I have a spaniel myself, so it was great to see all their habits put own in writing. The structure and plot was a bit weak, but the character of Shadow made up for it!I also thought the characters were a bit weedy, but on the whole, it was a good read.

    5out of 5
  47. Default avatar

    on 25 January 2011

    i read this book and i loved every bit of it. it was amazing i got lots of my friends to read it too and they loved it!

    5out of 5
  48. Bellasara 113282

    on 2 November 2010

    This is such an amazing book. Filled with passion and empathy, it is flawlessly written and unique. I think Morpurgo is incapable of writing a less than perfect sentence.

    5out of 5