David Walliams Pack x 5 Award-winning Pack by David Walliams (author)

David Walliams Pack x 5

Suitable for 9 - 11 years

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Product description

Beyond massive. Funnier than having the bottom of your foot tickled with a feather all day long. Not content with swimming the Thames, cheeky David has become our new king of funny. (We think he’s even pinched Roald Dahl’s crown: Gangsta Granny would be proud.) And now, lucky readers, we’ve bagged you five of his super-silly stories in one even sillier pack. Ratburger, Mr Stink, Billionaire Boy: they’re all in here. How many laughs can you take?

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In this pack

  • Billionaire Boy Billionaire Boy
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  • Gangsta Granny Gangsta Granny
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  • Mr Stink Mr Stink
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  • Ratburger Ratburger
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  • The Boy in the Dress The Boy in the Dress
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David Walliams

Photo of David Walliams


  1. gemma
    on 26 February 2015


    really good books !! very funny aswell <3

  2. annie
    on 29 December 2014

    David Walliams pack of 5

    very good all very funny books maybe 7+ #justsaying
    but yeah cool books i love ratburger that was my favourite i read it all the time now could be cheaper but yeah i would like it to be 10 15 pounds !

    5out of 5

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What kids think

  1. Sweet2005lovely
    on 19 May 2015

    I find ‘the boy in the dress’ very touching and I LOVE billionare boy

  2. Friends166
    on 19 May 2015

    I have read all the books by David Walliams except Demon Dentist my favourite was Awful Auntie it is really good and really funny I loved it

    5out of 5
  3. truffle2014
    on 6 May 2015

    These books are extremely funny and very heart-warming. I recommend this to people not knowing what to read!

    5out of 5
  4. summerstorm
    on 25 April 2015

    these books are amazing love david walliam

    5out of 5
  5. sarah2644
    on 24 April 2015

    so funny

    5out of 5
  6. feathersparks
    on 11 April 2015

    Incredible, it relieves any day stresses with a bucket full of laughs. Inspiring and funny. Highly recommended.

    5out of 5
  7. cupcake5
    on 7 April 2015

    these books are awesome they have really good stories plus boys and girls both like to read them. they are funny and tech you something at the same time tats why they deserve 5/5

    5out of 5
  8. starbook9
    on 19 February 2015

    These books are perfect and halarious at some points. Like in the Mr Stink book it is sad at the end mostly.

    5out of 5
  9. Sradia11
    on 4 February 2015

    These are the best books ever

    5out of 5
  10. gibbs11
    on 17 January 2015

    Being a big David Williams fan myself it is hard to say to eny one of his books I don’t like it and this was no exception 5 stars

    5out of 5
  11. bookgeek914
    on 27 October 2014

    David Walliams is such a unique author he is funny,all his books have a mysterious plot.

  12. DOAWK123
    on 15 October 2014

    This David Walliam Pack is filled with fun.

  13. DeerLuce
    on 11 October 2014

    LOVED IT !

    5out of 5
  14. Ice-Kitty-Girl
    on 13 August 2014

    David Walliams writes brilliant books. They are funny and sometimes don’t make much sense, but they also have great story lines and will definitely have you hooked. They also teach the importance of family, something that I really liked since many people don’t understand just how important family is. If you haven’t already read one of his books you should really do so!!

    5out of 5
  15. rosie1795
    on 24 May 2014


  16. chapter
    on 15 April 2014

    i just loved the david walliams books they were so funny but i do have to admit that the boy in the dress was a bit sad

    5out of 5
  17. Aslan16
    on 15 March 2014



    5out of 5
  18. bookaholic202
    on 9 March 2014

    David Walliam is hilarious! These are some of his very best books.

  19. hawk12
    on 9 March 2014

    great funny books by a great author

  20. Bubblegum1234
    on 8 March 2014

    a fantastic selection of books

  21. alibaba4
    on 8 March 2014

    These books were so cool I love the all his books to bits

    5out of 5
  22. Book-Lover1234
    on 7 March 2014

    I love these books. They are brilliant and hilarious! They are also quite touching in a way!

    5out of 5
  23. Ginnyw11
    on 6 March 2014

    I absolutely love these books about really peculiar and bizarre subjects. The stories really come to life in your hands. You should read them as I recommend them. Give them a try!

    5out of 5
  24. books2000
    on 6 March 2014

    its good

  25. Catherine0703
    on 5 March 2014

    David William books are really funny but some parts are sad but after reading his books he is my new favourite author

  26. fantasticmissfox
    on 5 March 2014

    I have read and love all these books. I think David Walliams and Jeremy strong should make friends!

  27. EllaBellaSwella
    on 4 March 2014

    Have read all of these books. All are funny. Some are distressingly tragic. A wonderful read for a long rainy Saturday afternoon.

  28. Cheerforevers
    on 4 March 2014

    my favourite is ratburger brecause it is hilarious.

  29. justbecauseimnerdy
    on 4 March 2014

    Walliams is a good writer, and his surreal sense of humour is one which most children enjoy. The Boy in the Dress is especially good, as it helps to positively introduce trans* people to young children. The only negative part of the books is that they are only really suitable for quite young children (about 5 – 9) but the films of them are suitable for all ages.

  30. boogie99
    on 3 March 2014


    5out of 5
  31. mrstink3
    on 2 March 2014

    I think that those books are brilliant he should do more i want gangster granny god just drop it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    5out of 5
  32. azeliya333
    on 1 March 2014

    I have read billionare boy and already want to read more!! David Walliams is a great author I suggest these books to anyone!!!

  33. booksaregreat88
    on 5 February 2014

    These books are really funny. I would recommend them to anyone, especially Roald Dahl fans.

    5out of 5
  34. betty914
    on 22 December 2013

    These books are all very good and funny if you want to read these books you better go to the toilet before you read any of them.

    5out of 5
  35. nbma123786
    on 20 November 2013

    Do you love books? well I do Why don’t you come along and read these books!!! These are the best books in the whole world!!! I would like everyone too read these books they are AMAZING!!! They are funny,hilarious,scary and lots more!!! I am now going to read the demon dentist it sounds REALLY good but also REALLY scary!!! HOPE YOU ALL READ THESE BOOKS!!!!

    5out of 5
  36. lozzy1855
    on 28 October 2013

    I love david walliams and would recommend all of his brilliant books to everyone

    5out of 5
  37. Summerfield123
    on 14 October 2013

    Really awesome

    1out of 5
  38. bugsbunny67
    on 12 October 2013

    i love them

  39. rainbowmagiclover10
    on 8 October 2013




    1out of 5
  40. Mwatson109
    on 8 October 2013

    I have read these books and I think they are very good my favourite one is mr stink but its not far of from boy in the dress I enjoyed that a lot as well and I would highly recommend all of them to 7-11 year olds and I going to be hoping for christmas the demon dentist by Max Watson age 10

    5out of 5
  41. nuttylilac99
    on 28 September 2013

    BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  42. mancityfcgirl
    on 27 September 2013

    Well, I am really looking forward to this new David Wallims book coming out DEMON DDENTIST. If you are having trouble with finding books and your a girl here are some you might like they’re all on this web so you can check them out. LIST: Dork diaries Gangster granny Top gear Chesnut hill Diary of a wimpy kid.

    If you are a 1D fan then don’t forget to have a look at there new book!!!!!

  43. micropig2
    on 7 September 2013


  44. gerbilmania
    on 24 July 2013

    They’re all great books, especially Billionaire Boy! His father famous for toilet wipe!!!

    5out of 5
  45. spookgirl
    on 17 July 2013

    I love these books! I have read all the David Walliams books and have thourghly enjoyed them. Walliams knows how to capture true emotion!!!!

  46. potato46
    on 7 July 2013

    i have only read up to chapter 12 on billion are b o y but up to there this is what i think

    4out of 5
  47. Bloom7890
    on 20 June 2013

    IT’S SO BORING…….....................

  48. Chocolatelover10
    on 16 June 2013

    I think the Mr stink book is brilliant. It’s heartwarming but extremely funny.

    5out of 5
  49. ZumaBlue333
    on 14 June 2013

    They are the best books I ever read. They are SO funny

    5out of 5
  50. jasmin14
    on 12 June 2013

    All five books are great books and the best ones I would say is the rat burger,gangster granny and billionaire boy. they are really funny and a lot of people would like to read these. i would reccomed it for people 9 to 10 to read.

    5out of 5
  51. IHA11
    on 10 June 2013

    Billionaire boy and mr stink are like the funniest books I’ve ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5out of 5
  52. starlightbloomingblossom
    on 9 June 2013

    I have read billionaire boy and the boy in the dress and they were both great I like David Walliams and he is also really funny on britains got talent

    5out of 5
  53. hajbaj
    on 5 June 2013

    best books ever

    5out of 5
  54. comedy
    on 4 June 2013

    Best book i have ever read.

    5out of 5
  55. potter9
    on 10 May 2013

    I love the books by david walliams. I have got them all and enjoyed everyone!

    David Walliams is a brilliant author :)

    5out of 5
  56. booksrule1011
    on 5 May 2013


    5out of 5
  57. jesseb1710
    on 29 April 2013

    This is a brilliant collection of books.

  58. Bookworm200253
    on 7 April 2013

    I love the David Walliams books

    5out of 5
  59. 131101
    on 31 March 2013

    Williams is very catchy and funny. He knows how to write a good story.

    5out of 5
  60. jay12310
    on 30 March 2013

    in one of these stories there is a girl who had a hamster that died so she gets a rat her dad works at an ice cream factory her mum died but her dad has a girlfriend who sits infront of the tv all day and eats prawn cocktail crisps outside the school that the girl goes too there is a man that sells burgers but they are not ordinary burgers they are rats

  61. xxChocolateBoxGirlxx
    on 7 March 2013

    These books are really funny. I bought them last week and read them in a couple of days.My favourite book has to be gangsta granny though.A real laugh.5/5

    5out of 5
  62. natashakrywald
    on 7 March 2013

    really really funny!

  63. rockstar101
    on 6 March 2013

    this David Walliams pack is brilliant

  64. Helloioioi
    on 6 March 2013

    I have read every single one of these books and my favourite out of it is Gangsta Granny. I would advise you to read that book first,

  65. jesjen
    on 5 March 2013

    This was recommended by the book wizard.

    5out of 5
  66. samcharlie123
    on 5 March 2013

    A hilarious collection by David Walliams. Well worth reading if you enjoy a laugh!

    5out of 5
    on 5 March 2013

    My favourite has to be Billionare boy because it is so funny.

    5out of 5
  68. pawprint2
    on 5 March 2013

    i love these books they are all so funny lol!!!!!

  69. Magicme11
    on 5 March 2013

    What lovely books!David Walliam is super cool!I really liek his books,especially The boy in the dress and Gangsta Granny.

    5out of 5
  70. lap312i
    on 4 March 2013

    this book might be really interesting

  71. Zoyaangel
    on 4 March 2013

    if you think carefully each book has a moral hidden deap. soo funny!

  72. Nashdasher
    on 4 March 2013

    My favourite book is Mr stink as it is descriptive and intresting

    5out of 5
  73. nicole63
    on 4 March 2013


    1out of 5
  74. lmdrld
    on 4 March 2013

    My favourite book in this series was Billionare Boy because in the end the boy found out that money dose not make you happy. They are really funny books.Loved it.

  75. bookitty
    on 28 February 2013

    Got them all, read them all, loved them all. these books are abolutly amazing!I love them soooo much.By the way any one read the famous five books? if you have’nt i advise you to read them now there as good as these really i mean it they really are thier are 22 books and im upto the 12 not that log to go untill i’ve finished them all!!

    5out of 5
  76. mc11v33n
    on 25 February 2013

    I love all his books they are great especialy billionaire boy i hope he rights another whopping great story