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You’re about to place your vote(s) in the Laugh Out Loud Awards 2017, and the process is different depending on whether you’re voting as a teacher or a parent. Both are really quick and easy to do. Read on for more information on how to vote!

If you’re voting as a teacher

You’re about to place your vote as a teacher in the Laugh Out Loud Awards 2017!

As a teacher, you can either cast a single vote for your personal favourite book, or you can place a vote on behalf of the pupils in your class or school.

If you’ve held a vote in your school and you’re voting on your pupils’ behalf, simply enter the amount of votes each book received in the dropdown box you’ll see. You can add up to 35 votes per age category.

To get started, click the ‘Are you a teacher?’ button below.

If you’re voting as a parent

As a parent, you’ll only get to vote once per age category on behalf of your child or children. Simply select the ‘Are you a parent?’ button below and choose their favourite book(s)!

If you’re voting as a child

PopJam is a moderated and curated app where kids can create art (using drawing tools and stickers), play games and find everything they love in a safe, creative community. It’s free to download and there are no in-app purchases.

To vote, download PopJam now for FREE from the Google App Store or Play Store. Create your account and click on the search bar to look for the @Lollies channel. Click on the first post to vote for your fave book!

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