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Product description

Print this illustrated poster out and cut it in half to create a panoramic view of a riverbank.

A healthy river habitat provides food, shelter and nesting sites for insects, birds and animals. Talk about the parts of the river where you are likely to see most creatures and the locations where they make their homes. For instance, swans, moorhens and insects like the water boatman, will usually be found on the surface of the water. Dragonflies and kingfishers fly over the river, while water voles and water shrews live in the riverbanks. Frogs, while living out of the water for much of the time, still need the river for breeding.

Discuss how the different creatures in the poster move around. Swans and moorhens can both fly, but usually stay on the water surface or walk on the bank. Voles, shrews and otters have four legs, but are excellent swimmers. Kingfishers dive to catch fish, while dragonflies spend much of the time on the wing. Pond skaters and water boatmen glide lightly across the surface of the river.

Look at ways in which the creatures are specially adapted to this habitat. Herons and kingfishers have pointed beaks for fishing, swans’ bills are flattened for sifting through weed, and otters have ‘waterproofing’ in their fur and webbed paws for swimming.

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February 2nd, 2017

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