PM Literacy Assessment Kit - Extra Resources

Find additional downloadable resources to accompany your PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment Kit Teacher’s Guide.

Example student records

These downloadable resources include examples of completed Student Records for pre-level 1, level 5, level 16, level 26 and post-level 30 readers.

Professional development videos

Administering a Pre-Level 1 Assessment

This video shows emergent literacy models of the four Pre-Level 1 assessment tasks included in the PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment. The first example features a 6 year old student, in his first year of school, and his teacher undertaking the Oral Literacy task. The second example shows a 6 year old student and her teacher undertaking the Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Concepts about Print assessment tasks.

Administering a Levels 1-30 Reading Assessment

This video models a reading assessment of a student, aged 6 years, reading a narrative text at Level 16.

Administering a Post-Level 30 Assessment

This reading assessment example shows a student reading a nonfiction exposition text with a recommended reading age of 12 years.