11+ Tips for Parents - Frequently Asked Questions

Pass Your 11+ series editor, Tracey Phelps is an established 11 Plus tutor based in the UK. The founder of 11 Plus Leap,” Tracey has helped hundreds of children (and parents!) prepare for the CEM 11 Plus exam. Below, Tracey answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the 11 Plus.

What is the 11 Plus?

The 11 Plus (or Transfer Test) is an exam taken by children in the first term of Year 6 and the results are used to select children for admission to one of the UK’s 164 remaining grammar schools.

How much does the examination cost?

There is no charge to take the 11 Plus.

Where can I find more information about the 11 Plus exam in my area?

Visit the websites of your local education authority (LEA) and grammar schools in your region. They will provide you with information on the exam provider. The most common exam providers in the UK are CEM and GL Assessment. However, some schools administer their own tests.

What skills are tested in the 11 Plus?

CEM and GL broadly test similar skills which include:
  • English (synonyms, antonyms, comprehension, cloze and jumbled sentences)
  • Maths
  • Non-verbal Reasoning, including spatial reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

When is the best time to start preparing for the 11 Plus exam?

The best time would be to begin light preparations whilst your child is in Year 4.

What is the percentage pass mark in the 11 Plus?

There is no official percentage pass mark in the 11 Plus; the children’s papers are marked, and the raw scores are then standardised to allow for age. The standardised scores are then placed in rank order.

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