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Boost language skills and grades with Mary Glasgow Magazines!

Mary Glasgow Magazines offer a unique way for students to learn languages. Every subscription includes five magazine issues per year which are carefully tailored to match the curriculum and feature up-to-date and relevant content. Packed full of cultural insight, Mary Glasgow Magazines cover a range of topics that students want to read about with everything from YouTubers to sports stars featured.They are the perfect low-cost and vibrant addition to your classroom.

As well as these exciting and colourful magazines, every subscription includes a range of digital resources! Access a complete language toolkit at including videos, audio listening tracks and Language Lab, a fantastic task setting program for use in class or as homework with an automated marking system.

To find out more, click on the language you’re interested in.

Set up your class order now

Save time and cut admin with our easy-to-use group ordering system. School staff can now set up orders for classes or year groups which can be promoted directly to parents in just a few clicks. Parents can pay online for magazine subscriptions for their children, with a minimum of fuss. The completed group order will then be delivered to your school for distribution to students.

Language learning magazines direct to your school with virtually no admin – simple!

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