The GCSE 9-1 Practice and Revision series

Our GCSE 9-1 Revision Guides, Exam Practice Books, English Study Guides, English Revision Cards, English Great Answers and Practice Exam Papers are all fully matched to the 9-1 exam specifications for AQA, Edexcel and All Boards. Designed with students in mind: to provide an active, personalised approach that makes the most of revision time and helps the tricky stuff stick.

A free revision app accompanies the books, allowing students to plan and revise on the go with quick-fire practice questions and flash cards.

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Annotation-friendly Set Texts

gcse annotation friendly set texts - a christmas carol.png

Scholastic Annotation-friendly set texts come with extra wide margins and double spaced lines, making them perfect for your notes and annotations.

Each set text includes:
  • Large spaces between lines and large outer margins, perfect for highlighting and note-taking.
  • Pages for note-taking in every book.
  • A large, easy to read font and left-justified text for children who struggle to access the printed word.
  • Top tips on effective annotation from English teacher and revision guide author, Cindy Torn.
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AQA English Study Guides

GCSE Study Guide

Our range of AQA English Study Guides help students to really get to know their set text for their GCSE English Literature closed book exam.

Each guide covers the chronology of the text and focuses on key events, characters, themes, context, language and structure to help students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. With loads of practice questions (and answers) throughout, they can’t go wrong!

The Poetry Anthology Guides examine each poem closely, while the Unseen Poetry Guide provides detailed guidance on how to approach unseen poems, with five pairs of poems analysed as examples. Helpful tips throughout show how to demonstrate knowledge to achieve higher marks!

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AQA English Revision Cards

Macbeth AQA English Literature

In a handy format, our GCSE 9-1 Revision Cards are perfect last-minute revision for the AQA English Literature closed-book exams. They help students to visualise the chronology of the text and make the tricky stuff really stick.

The cards have a tight focus on key events, characters, themes, context, language and structure. There are lots of quiz cards included to help students test their knowledge.

The Revision Cards can be used independently as a stand-alone revision resource, or can be used alongside our AQA English Study Guides, with matching colour-coded sections, for a robust revision solution.

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AQA English Great Answers

Animal Farm

These books answer the question ‘What do great answers look like?’ with step-by-step essay plans to help achieve higher grades in the closed book AQA English Literature examination.

An essential pick-up-and-check reference resource with hints and tips to plan and structure ‘great answers’, these resources will help students to see how a great answer meets the required Assessment Objectives and to perfect their own technique.

The Great Answers books can be used independently as a stand-alone revision resource, or can be used alongside our AQA English Study Guides and Revision Cards.

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Revision Guides

GCSE Revision Guides - Maths

Our revision guides cover GCSE exam topics at greater depth, with clear and focused explanations on the tricky topics and large diagrams.

Taking an active, stepped approach, our guides include popular features such as ‘Work It!’, ‘Nail It’ and ‘Stretch It!’, giving students opportunities to self-test their understanding and apply their knowledge as they study.

“Jampacked with useful tips, techniques, worked examples and questions and tasks to extend review for Edexcel’s Mathematics exams.” S. A. Broadhurst, Online reviewer

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Exam Practice Books

GCSE Practice Book

Linked to the revision guides, our exam practice books are packed with hundreds of GCSE exam-style questions covering the key topics for every subject. It’s not just practice, each book also includes tips, advice and regular progress checks to boost confidence and help students apply key revision strategies.

Every book also includes at least one full practice paper for authentic exam preparation. Full answers are provided to help students check their progress.

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Practice Papers for Schools

GCSE Practice Papers

Exclusively available to schools, our selection of authentic GCSE practice papers cannot be purchased or downloaded anywhere else.

Ideal for in-school mock exams or for extra practice in class, each paper is exactly matched to the exam board specifications and paper formats to provide an accurate measure of students’ progress and understanding.

”..a new set of rock-solid test papers and comprehensive mark schemes that are specifically matched and tailored to Edexcel and AQA board formats to support practice before the actual GCSEs.” John Dabell, Educator and Writer

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GCSE 9-1 in action

Brentwood County High School, a 1,400-pupil secondary school in Essex, was one of the first schools to try the new Scholastic GCSE 9-1 Practice and Revision series. Dave Richardson, the School’s Deputy Head, purchased the GCSE English Language & Literature and Mathematics revision guides, exam practice books and online revision planners for Year 10 and 11 pupils to use from March 2017.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Revising can feel huge and overwhelming but helping students focus on distributed practice and doing lots of small things really well will help them achieve success. Scholastic has produced a fine set of GCSE revision guides to do exactly this. The three strands of revision attack will work most effectively when put together; take one of these resources and students can get so far, but combine the trio, and the results are likely to be quite remarkable. John Dabell

John Dabell is an experienced educator and writer. He reviewed our GCSE 9-1 in Teach Secondary Magazine.

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