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Using reciprocal reading to raise reading standards with Jill Eggleton

Join our free one hour CPD workshop with Jill Eggleton on 1st December at 3.45pm to find out how you can use reciprocal reading and peer-to-peer learning to raise reading standards in your school.
Discover how high impact strategies recommended by the Education Endowment Foundation, including peer-to-peer learning and meta-cognition, can enhance your guided reading sessions and develop children’s teamwork speaking, listening, comprehension and evaluation skills.
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Before she became an International Educational Consultant in Literacy, Jill Eggleton had a wide variety of successful teaching experiences— both in the classroom and in administrative roles. As an International Educational Consultant, she’s passionate about motivating teachers and providing practical ideas in lighting the literacy fire for students.

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Connectors is a ground-breaking reciprocal reading series for peer-to-peer learning.

It will help you to:
  • Narrow the attainment gap, named as a key priority by the Department for Education
  • Make your guided reading time as effective as possible
  • Improve literacy, leadership skills and metacognition
  • Spark curiosity and debate
  • Improve motivation and behaviour
  • Include every learner
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