Anti-Bullying Books

Kidscape believes in the power of education to change lives, and a story can teach a child valuable lessons that stay with them for life. To prevent bullying, it’s important for children to learn what is unacceptable, but also what behaviour they can choose instead: friendship and positive relationships. The books on Scholastic’s list bring to life the power of friendship and show children what it means to be a good friend. Kidscape are delighted to support the book list, and hope that the positive messages contained within these stories will resonate and educate with a young generation of friendship champions.

ABA is also delighted to support this useful anti-bullying book list. The power of stories can help children understand and empathise with others and can help us talk about bullying and positive relationships in a new way. A book list like this helps to inspire schools and give them new ways to raise such an important issue.

Picture Books
Younger Fiction
Older Fiction

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