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100 Literacy Framework Lessons

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Best-selling resources to support you with the Renewed Literacy Framework with interactive activities on CD-ROM for your interactive whiteboard.

  • Provides you with all the planning and lesson ideas to teach the Renewed Literacy Framework.
  • Ongoing assessment ideas and activities to keep your children on track and monitor progression.
  • Extend and support more and less confident pupils with ideas for further work.
  • Helps you to link your literacy to the Key Aspects of Learning and the wider curriculum.
  • The CD-ROM includes of multimedia resources such as video, audio, images, interactive activities and photocopiable pages.

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100 Literacy Framework Lessons

What are the minimum system requirements for the 100 Literacy Framework Lessons CDs?

PC either 512Mb RAM and CD-ROM; 1 Ghz Processor; Microsoft Windows 98 or higher; Microsoft Office 2000 or higher. Mac System OS9 or higher. Facilites for printing and sound [optional].

100 Literacy Framework Lessons

I am getting an ‘Access Violation Error’ when trying to run the software: What should I do?

You are getting this error because of peculiarities with your system set up. It is very easy to resolve.

  • Right click on ‘My Computer’
  • Select ‘Properties’
  • Select the ‘Advanced’ Tab
  • Under ‘Performance’ select ‘Settings’
  • Select the ‘Data Execution Prevention’ Tab
  • Select ‘Turn on DEP for all program and services except those I select’
  • Select ‘Add’ Navigate to the CD-ROM and open the ‘100lit.exe’
  • Click Apply, Restart your PC

This should resolve your issue.

Series structure

100 Literacy Framework Lessons

100 Literacy Framework Lessons is a set of six, 192-page teachers’ books, each with a CD-ROM to help you teach the Renewed Framework. From Y1 to Y6, the CD-ROMs in the series contain a mix of material, from videos and images to web links, giving you different types of resources to use, depending on your year group. The series follows the structure of the Renewed Framework, with Narrative, Non-fiction and Poetry Blocks, further broken down into individual lessons.

100 Literacy Framework Lessons contains hundreds of resources and easy to use lessons to help you teach the Renewed Framework. Simply:

  1. Choose the relevant book for your year group, to study with your class.
  2. Download the CD-ROM and get going with the interactives, photos and songs.

100 Literacy Framework Lessons Teachers’ Books

Dip into the daily planning that drills down from Blocks into Units, Phases to individual lessons.

  • Daily plans use different text types or genres.
  • Teaching sequence – has an at-a-glance overview of phases, objectives and activities.
  • Each Phase has guided reading or writing ideas.

100 Literacy Framework Lessons CD-ROM

These multimedia CD-ROMs contain extracts that link to the relevant teachers’ book in the series. The resources range from text extracts, photocopiable pages, interactive activities, images, videos, PowerPoint files to web links that correspond to the relevant _100 Literacy Framework Lessons _ teachers’ book.

Each CD-ROM contains:

  • Resources to accompany each teacher’s book
  • Lesson notes for easy planning
  • Interactive activities
  • Whiteboard tools
  • Printable worksheets and text extracts

Case study

Teacher Sarah Gorman takes a look at 100 Literacy Framework Lessons for us.

The innovative nature of the resource

Having lessons that are editable and linked to whiteboard resources is a major bonus, reducing research and planning time. I’ve not been able to find this in one place before. This book isn’t just about lesson plans, it also includes revision units that cover all areas of the literacy curriculum.

The impact on learning and the work of the teacher in the classroom, to what extent and in which areas

The use of real-life situations and experiences gave real relevance to the childrens’ learning, adding value and engaging them deeply. It created a buzz of interest and enthusiasm in the classroom.

How the resource supports or enhances the everyday life or work of teachers, pupils or school

As an experienced teacher coming to grips with the latest update to our ever evolving curriculum I was delighted to find a book that acted as a guide, simplifying the goals and objectives of the initiative. Planning is simplified by using this resource. The various strands are highlighted, the key aspects of learning selected, prior learning is detailed and for each phase resources are provided in the book and on CD. For instance, my pupils loved seeing photos of the Boscastle floods and listening to a radio interview, with an eyewitness accounts. It has a huge impact on their understanding of a newsworthy event and what it must feel like to be a witness. Each phase is set out into lessons, which can be used ‘straight out of the box’ or adapted quite easily to suit the needs of your class, or compliment your own ideas. Guidance is offered throughout for extension and support activities: ICT opportunities are highlighted; Guided reading suggestions are made; Assessment areas identified.

Cost effectiveness in terms of educational aims and results – not just price.

When I’m planning Year 6 literacy, this is the first resource I pick up. It provides me with a huge starting point from which to build my differentiated lessons. It also sparks new ideas and makes them easier to deliver. Since sharing this Year 6 resource with my colleagues, our Literacy Co-ordinator has ordered a complete set for the school!

Free stuff

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