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  • Suitable for 11 - 18 years

A pioneer of young fiction shows how it’s done in these funny, touching tales of teenage life and first relationships. These coming-of-age classics are a must for any girl who is growing up! A rite-of-passage for teen readers for more than thirty years, Judy Blume’s novels talk frankly and with humour about the things that mark out young adulthood: annoying siblings, first crushes, periods, spots, best friends, exams, dates, first kisses, parents and all those other awful and awesome things. Follow the lives of her young heroes and heroines as they take their first steps into this brave new world – making friends, making mistakes and learning life lessons on the way!

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Judy Blume


When I was growing up, I dreamed about becoming a cowgirl, a detective, a spy, a great actress, or a ballerina. Not a dentist, like my father, or a homemaker, like my mother — and certainly not a writer, although I always loved to read. I didn’t know anything about writers. It never occurred to me they were regular people and that I could grow up to become one, even though I loved to make up stories inside my head.

I made up stories while I bounced a ball against the side of our house. I made up stories playing with paper dolls. And I made them up while I practiced the piano by pretending to give piano lessons. I even kept a notebook with the names of my pretend students and how they were doing. I always had an active imagination. But I never wrote down any of my stories. And I never told anyone about them.

When I grew up, my need for storytelling didn’t go away. So when my own two children started preschool I began to write and I’ve been writing ever since! My characters live inside my head for a long time before I actually start a book about them. Then, they become so real to me I talk about them at the dinner table as if they are real. Some people consider this weird. But my family understands.

Many of my books are set in New Jersey because that’s where I was born and raised. I lived there until my kids finished elementary school. Then we moved to New Mexico, the setting for Tiger Eyes. I also spent two years in Connecticut, where Just as Long as We’re Together and Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson are set. And Fudge-A-Mania grew out of a summer spent in Maine. I don’t think I could set a book in a place without knowing it really well.

Now I live in New York City and Key West, Florida, with my husband, George Cooper, who writes nonfiction. He thinks I’m lucky because I get to make things up. I think it would be fun to do research and discover stories, like George. Between us, we have three grown children and one incredible grandchild, whose first word was “book”! That makes sense since we all love to read to him.


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  1. Holly Jones
    on 11 June 2012

    Judy Blumes 6 pack

    Judy Blume is the best authour i have ever come across! Im so amazed how funny someone can be! Its really nice to see the funny side of growing up!

    5out of 5
  2. Nene
    on 23 March 2012

    Judy Blume Pack

    This book is the best book. It is really interesting and it’s the best book I have ever read.

    5out of 5

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  1. spellingbeer
    on 29 September 2013


    looking forward to read it

  2. lap312i
    on 6 March 2013


    i like the covers

  3. natashakrywald
    on 6 March 2013


    great value and lots of good books!

  4. moonlight4
    on 7 March 2012


    These books are great

  5. mutemath4ever
    on 2 March 2012


    I have read all of these books and there all great. Despite there age the basic ground rules remain the same. Being a teenager is not easy ! You have to read these books ! They explain loads of things and they are an essential to any teens reading list. I would recommend for most of these books 13+ but some 14+