Scholastic Schools Live | A. M. Dassu

Being a good ally with A.M. Dassu, author of Fight Back

Wednesday 15th June, 11am

Scholastic Schools Live: Being a good ally with A. M. Dassu, author of Fight Back
Join award-winning author A.M. Dassu for a workshop exploring identity, freedom of expression and allyship. In this session you will be introduced to Dassu’s new upper middle grade novel, Fight Back, and examine its themes. Attending schools will be asked to engage in an activity exploring identity, and we will discuss how you can help someone being bullied/discriminated against because of their identity. This session will explore what it means to be an ally and the vital importance of coming together in the face of discrimination. This event is recommended for ages 10 and above.
Suitable for ages 10+.
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