James Patterson's Big Book Giveaway - FAQs


What is the James Patterson and Scholastic Book Clubs Giveaway?

Bestselling author James Patterson is partnering with Scholastic Book Clubs to give away over £50,000 of books to schools in two giveaways, the second of which takes place this spring! This term, 100 schools have the chance to win FREE BOOKS to boost their classroom libraries.

Why have James Patterson and Scholastic teamed up?

James Patterson and everyone at Scholastic Book Clubs agree about the importance of giving children access to books in as many places as possible. We believe this starts with, and is sometimes limited to, what can be offered in school libraries and classrooms. Together, we want to help school libraries throughout the UK and Ireland to encourage pupils to love reading.

How are winners selected?

Schools can enter by filling out the form at www.scholastic.co.uk/jamespattersongiveaway. Winners will be chosen based on their answers to the entry form.

Who is eligible to enter?

Anyone associated with a school in the UK or Ireland is eligible to enter the giveaway. Previous entrants and winners can enter the second giveaway.

What is the prize?

100 winning schools will receive £312.50 each in free books – £250 from James Patterson and an additional 25% in Scholastic Rewards. This prize can only be redeemed on the Scholastic Shop.

How long does the entry period last?

The giveaway will be open between Monday 25th February and Friday 5th April 2019.

How will this year’s winners be notified?

Winners will be notified by email during April 2019. Two attempts will be made to contact winners. If no response is received within a reasonable amount of time, the prize will be passed on to someone else.

How will winning schools receive the prize?

Winning schools will receive a order form for them to choose books up to the value of the prize.* The form should then be emailed to Scholastic and the order will be fulfilled and delivered to the school free of charge.

*Please note that some products from the Scholastic shop may be excluded.

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