Order your Catch Up Learning resources

Our Catch Up Learning Order Forms are a simple way to recommend high quality resources for parents to use at home. Our range of resources for Primary and Secondary school learners are all created to exactly match to the learning objectives children and students will be covering in class, from practice tests and workbooks designed to boost confidence and consolidate skills to GCSE AQA English Study Bundles providing the most comprehensive support available.

Primary schools

Our range of resources for Primary schools includes books to develop skills from handwriting and vocabulary – both identified as areas of learning loss during the pandemic – to algebra and problem solving, all designed to boost confidence and ability.

Secondary schools

Our Secondary schools range focuses on GCSE AQA English, with a variety of study guides, revision cards and more to aid learning and revision – resources are available individually or as study bundles, offering comprehensive support.

Mathematics Practice Yr4 x6

How it works

  • Share the relevant Parent Order Form with parents – the form could be printed, posted on your school’s e-learning site or emailed
  • Parents can select the books they’d like to order using the form on the back page and return their completed forms to you
  • Your school will be invoiced for the total cost of the books
  • Your chosen books will be sent to your school for you to distribute to pupils and parents
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